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The Question is what is the Question?
Is it all a Magic Show?
Is Reality an Illusion?
What is the framework of the Machine?
Darwin's Puzzle: Natural Selection?
Where does Space Time come from?
Is there an answer except that it comes from consciousness?
What is Out There?
Is it Ourselves?
Or, is IT all just a Magic Show?


Coincidence is what you have left over when you apply a bad theory.

It was the end of the fourth day of Creation and he thought things were going rather well.
In the previous days he had created the light, the sky, the land, the seas, the plants and the trees.
Today it was the Sun and the stars.
All those stars creatio ex nihilo, a big job there, phew.
Tomorrow all the creatures of the sea and the sky, then on the last day all the land animals including man in his own image.
Then a well earned rest and a nice cup of tea.

Thinking about the remaining tasks he was particularly looking forward to the butterflies.
There had to be light and shade in all things, there had to be ugliness as well as beauty, but with the butterflies he was going to go full on with the beauty thing, ten tenths.
You shouldn't have a favourite but the butterflies were special, as delicate as paper, as iridescent as opal, like fragile flying flowers fluttering in the summer skies throughout their short lives.
The impermanence of beauty and indeed life itself.
And with a lifecycle that defied mortality.
Darwin's Puzzle.
All part of the magic show.

But of course as beautiful as the butterflies were, their purpose in common with most of the creatures was to be simply decorative.
He hadn't gone to all this effort to provide a beautiful home for just the birds and the bees.
Or even the butterflies.

No, the main purpose of creation was of course Man.
True most of them, most of the time would lack knowledge of the real Self, mistakingly identifying with the body-mind complex and its entanglements.
But every now and then he expected that one of them would look up and wonder.
What would be the point of a magic show without an audience to appreciate it ...?

However, as much as he was pleased with progress he did have a nagging feeling that something wasn't quite right.
It was as if there was a missing element to the plan, something was lacking.
Like a cake without a cherry on top.
As if everything was there but missing that special something.

Another issue was that he also wanted to leave a calling card, a little sign that it was all his own work.
Like an artist's signature, but not as obvious, a little more subtle.
Just a hint of a signature.
Subtle, enigmatic, ethereal, mysterious.
A bit like me he thought.

Clearly the sky was the place to put it.
But how exactly?
The clouds were too fleeting, the Sun was too bright and the stars and the planets, well they're just too small.
Sure there were the constellations but they'd just be associated with animals, archers and other boring stuff, no scope for a signature there.
No what he needed was something stronger but still subtle, sophisticated and shall we say even, a little bit cool ...

Thinking through all the options, how about giving the Earth a moon, shining in the night sky, illuminating everything below?
A light in the darkness shining down from the heavens above.
But only some of the time of course, again light and shade.
He liked the idea a lot.
Now the Earth had a Moon.

However he couldn't decide on it's size in the sky, he experimented with moving it closer and then farther away.
Too near is too dominant, too far away is too insignificant.
Hmmn, tricky.

Then he suddenly had an idea, perhaps the Sun provided the answer?
Why not place the Moon's orbit at just the right distance from Earth so that it is the same size as the Sun in the sky?
During a total eclipse it would just cover the Sun's disc but would be surrounded by it's corona, like a halo.

A magic lantern in the magic show.

As a piece of conceptual art it was now looking very good, but this silvery disc with just a plain surface was, well just that, a bit plain.
It needed more focus, the disc should have some decoration and it would of course be the perfect location for that hint of a signature.

But how to decorate it with a symbol that was subtle, sophisticated and even a little bit cool?

A triangle, a square, concentric circles?
No, no good.

A tree, a rabbit, a fish, maybe a flower?
No, all wrong, so so wrong.

Or more abstract?
Perhaps a hint of Picasso, Miro or Kandinsky?
No not really, still no good, he was starting to become a little despondent, engineering the Universe was a lot easier than this artistic stuff.
This was meant to be the jewel in the crown, it had to be right but he felt he was struggling with it.

He stroked his chin, then it hit him, the moon was round.
Like a face.
An enigmatic face, looking down on Earth from the sky above.
But not too literal a face, more abstract, as if in-between being there and not being there.
Subtle, ethereal, mysterious.

A magic face in the magic show.

The perfection of art, is to conceal it.

He applied some further finishing touches, smudging it up a bit more, then a bit less searching for that balance.
He was pleased with the result, this subtle face beaming down at night from above, bathing the world in a silvery monochrome light in contrast to the rich colours of daytime.
Now the Sun had a partner in the sky, a marriage made in heaven.

Things were looking good.

For a short while he thought he had completed the task and he had turned away to attend to other matters.

But looking back, not long afterwards, there's now another problem, the moon like any astronomical body rotates, the face was there for a little while and then it was slowly turning away soon to be out of sight.

Ah, it's not much of a signature if it spends most of it's time pointed away from the Earth, hmmn.
There was a big sigh and he stroked his chin again.
There's always something else.

Then bingo, what I need here is a synchronous orbit and period of rotation.

He stood back from his vantage point to admire it all.
You know when it's right, when everything just snaps into place.

Finally the jewel was set in the crown.
Now the cake had its cherry on top.

But then a little doubt crossed his mind.

What if none of them, ever get it ...?

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